JORINDA & JORINDEL (The Musical Adventures of an Elephant called Tom)

based on the fairytale by the Brother Grimm

1995 Jorindel 6

Jorindel 2

Book & Lyircs by Lesley Ross

Music by James Williams

Originally commissioned for The Welsh National Opera in 1995, the piece has also been produced at the Edinburgh Festival (1997) and has toured the Highlands ( Summer 2004). Loosely based on the Grimms fairytale, with a large helping of the Mabinogion thrown in; this is a perfect family musical. A Welsh speaking cat, a helpful elephant and the unlikeliest of monsters colour the story of a young man who must discover who he is, in order to save his true love from a witch’s curse

2004 Jorindel 4

First commissioned and performed for the Welsh National Opera, Cardiff

.jorinda and jorindel


Hansel & gretel


Music by Mark Aspinall

Book & Lyrics by Lesley Ross

Not so long ago, there was a time when food was in short supply. Hansel and Gretel lived out near the mountains with their father and as winter set in, they also had hardly any food, so their father decided to go into the city to earn some extra money for Christmas. But despite the warnings of their father about the Candy Queen, will the draw of the Enchanted Mountains be too strong for these adventurous siblings? Will Hansel and Gretel venture where they shouldn’t, with only some breadcrumbs to lead them home? Who would they meet there if they did? And will the Witch who lives in the Gingerbread House finally be set free to have revenge on the people?

First commissioned and performed for Simply Theatre, Geneva

Directed by Lesley Ross

Designed by Anna Fekete

witch másolata20141221_14594720141221_145600

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