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Will be performing Diary of a Welshcake at The Hope Theatre, Islington July 26th to August 12th, alongside Rabbitskin (performed by the uber talented Luke Adamson)


Odd Man Cover July Photo



Rameo and Eweliet out Now

The Sheep Chronicles: Rameo and Eweliet is out now on iTunes apple and various other outlets… Enjoy

Upside Down from The Diva Drag

Hey there folks… so last year we did some plays about gays… Well a few people have asked me if I would post the Upside Down song that Gladys sings at the beginning of The Diva Drag… So I have made a video and hope you like it. Music by James Williams, lyrics by me!

Thanks to The Hope Theatre and all the people who helped with the piece and the song! Recorded at Price Studios by SimG Records.

Whether you are remembering, or experiencing for the first time… Enjoy… love Gladys xx



Sleeping Beauty & the Ewe’s Duty

Here is Laura Jane Cook singing Where Am  Going?

The show will be presented at The Brighton Fringe this May / June… details in the YouTube link…


Coming 2017!!

Coming 2017: Audio Book recordings of both Rameo & Eweliet and The Amazing Adventures of Little Red featuring all star casts: Tyrone Huntley, Kate Hume, Julie Atherton, Sharon D.Clarke, Tony Maudsley, Haydn Oakley, Paul Bazely, Genesis Lynea, Laura Jane Cook, Gabrielle Brooks, Daniel Boys, Simon Willmont, Simon Burr, Suzanne Procter, Gladys Hall-Ohver, Rose Shalloo, Debbie Kurup, Jodie Jacobs, Aaron Lee Lambert, Llio Milward, Tatiana Santina, Carly Cook, Anthony Matteo, Greg Ashton and Louise Jameson

Here’s a little sneak peek of Rameo & Eweliet



End of Year

Well it’s been an eventful 2016

Little Red sold fabulously in Brighton in May

Two Short Plays About Gays was presented at the Hope Theatre, leading to several sold out performances, two Offie Nominations (For Best Male Performance and Best Female Performance), four Break A Leg Nominations (For both Male Actors and both Plays) as well as listing on both Break A Leg and There Ought To Be Clowns “Best of 2016” lists

And Gladys made a welcome return to panto as Widow Twankey in Chesterfield’s Aladdin at The Pomegranate Theatre


Love Lies and Lyrics: The Words of Lesley Ross

Hey guys,

so my album came out this year, a retrospective of some of my lyrics over the past 20 years…

A little link to the AD

for a quick listen to some of the highlights, go to…


30 West End Singers, 5 Composers, 3 Arrangers… 25 songs… It’s pretty epic and I am very lucky!