BEAUTY (65 mins)


Lesley Ross’ first play produced at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival back in 1992, nearly 25 years ago.

Beauty tells the story of a young woman suffering from the eating disorder Bulimia Nervosa. The disease has a most damaging effect on the sufferer and family and it manifests itself in the relationship between the protagonist, Fay, and The Model: the voice within her head.

‘A strong cast make few concessions in this uncompromising play.’ The Independent – The Best of the Edinburgh Festival.

‘Excellent.’ The Scotsman


EGGPLANT (55 mins)


Lisa invites you to her cousin Tom’s 30th birthday party, and all that comes with it; jelly, pass the parcel and some home truths about the Little Mermaid. But a group of elements, a swimming pool and the history of a man called Fit Rob are about to change the way they look at the world forever. This is about to become one party that you won’t want to miss.

First Produced at The Edinburgh Fringe 1998

Nominated For Edinburgh Fringe First

“Kill To Get A Ticket” ***** The Scotsman

“Mad, but plausible Welshman’s latest masterwork” The Stage (Critics’ Hit Parade)

“A gem” Western Morning News

1998 Eggplant


Once a year three women meet Peter Palmer in a hotel room.

But what is their connection to him?

And why do they need the ice cream?


First workshopped at The Soho Theatre, this one act piece was eventually performed at the New End Hampstead.

“The play’s theme may sound maudlin but is astonishingly funny. The tone skips convincingly between moments of distress, anger and absurdity, thanks to perceptive direction from Steve Marmion and the assured performances of Josephine Butler, Samantha Power and Tracey Ann Wood.” Jeremy Kingston of The Times

Steve Marmion and Lesley Ross with the cast …27 (1) Photos (c) Craig Sugden


Winner Best New Writing – Lost Theatre London Fringe One Act Festival

Directed by Steve Marmion

Starring Jane Hills and Sophie Hobson (and Antonio Banderas)

“Sweet and enjoyable from start to finish. A tiny little gem” Three Weeks

” well-imagined and nicely accomplished… a consistent level of depth and detail in the script… tender enough to afford those watching it to wander home with a rather ridiculous grin on their face ” The Scotsman

mad margaret



A gay film director is faced with his estranged daughter. What exactly does she want from him? And how can he make a decision without his assistant telling him what to do?

FLATMATES (25 mins)

Version 4

Two Men. A fastidious gay landlord and a straight male stripper lodger. The lodger is moving out… but why?

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